Introducing Reinaldo Silva: Software Products Manager

For the past eight years, Reinaldo has been helping businesses to build and commercialise complex software products for a variety of industries including agriculture, transportation, corporate real estate and social gaming.


What does a day in your role involve?

My day starts with a stand up with our product development team. We meet to touch base to discuss what we have been working on, what we are planning to do and resolve any issues or impediments. From time to time, we also chat about our current sprint goals and roadmap for the upcoming sprints.

After that, I check on our current engagements and relationships with our existing customers, and get in contact with them directly when needed, to provide feedback or assist with the resolution of any issues.

For the rest of the day, the majority of my time is invested in the strategic planning and execution of our product and business development strategies, as well as supporting customer acquisition and sales activities across our target markets. 


What’s the greatest challenge you’ve faced at Facteon so far?

The greatest challenge has been understanding the intricacies of the manufacturing industry. As one of the unique propositions of COSMOline is that it is an Industrial IoT software product made by a manufacturer for manufacturers, it’s essential that I am able to acquire and continuously improve my knowledge and understanding of the industry. Fortunately, I have the benefit of being part of a team of intelligent manufacturing industry experts.


What do you get up to when you’re not optimising factories for the internet age?

I love spending time with my family. I have two young boys so I enjoy taking them to the park for a run around and afternoon tea at the weekends. I enjoy playing football as well. I’m on the Facteon football team and I’m a member of the running club here too, so that’s a great way to relax after work.


What’s a country or city you’re eager to visit?

I’m wanting to visit Iceland. I’d like to get out amongst nature, explore the mountains and local culture. Going on a road trip is a nice way to travel as you can take your time and tailor the experience to what interests you most. I think Iceland would be a big change from New Zealand.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy the ability to make an impact through the use of innovative technologies in an industry that hasn’t evolved significantly over the past decades.

For the business as a whole, it’s exciting to see that we’re able to solve complex problems that we have faced ourselves, and we are now able to leverage our experience and expertise to help other manufacturing organisations to take advantage of the benefits that our Industrial IoT platform offers.


The COSMOline Advantage

One of the key features of our COSMOline Industrial IoT product that I personally find very valuable is the software’s ability to produce measurements and reports for efficiency, quality control, environmental conditions, maintenance and real-time performance. Its ability to turn raw data into valuable production information provides manufacturers with a tool to improve their operations.


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Reinaldo  Silva

Reinaldo Silva

Head of Operational Excellence

Reinaldo is the Head of Operational Excellence responsible for Business Intelligence, Digital and Project Delivery. Since 2018 he has been helping Facteon and its customers to transform their business operations through the implementation of Industry 4.0 and digital transformational technologies.