Appliance cabinet & case equipment

Industrial machinery systems for premium appliance cabinet & case manufacturing.

Facteon's depth of experience makes us experts when it comes to designing factory solutions to manufacture your cabinets and cases for a variety of products. Our machinery delicately handles all raw materials to preserve the cosmetic finish. This reduces wastage, cost and increases product yield. This also negates the need for additional product processing, such as removing protective film or post-manufacture painting.

Cabinet & case machinery systems

Destacking & Material Loading Machines

Facteon cabinet and case lines utilise flat pre-cut blanks of pre-paint or galvanised material. Our destackers efficiently load stacks of blanks with minimal line interruption. These also operate at multiple stations allowing for effective model change and uninterrupted material supply. Our destackers feature blank eject, accumulation, multiple sheet detection and accurate datuming.

Notching & Piercing Machines

Our systems bundle custom notcher and piercing units into flexible machines capable of automatic size changes, selectable notch change and quick-change tools. Model and size variation are managed with servo-control for accuracy.

Forming Systems

Facteon's cabinet wrapper and panel forming processes are available as standalone systems or integrated traditional hydraulic press and tool systems. These form the wrapper emboss and special connection features. If required, side flanges are formed in the same process. Quick change tooling and automatic model change transfers reduce downtime.

Roll Forming Machines

Blank cut-to-length sheets can be roll formed to create a wide range of complex shapes. Predictive software is used to develop roll forming stands and roller shapes to produce repeatable forms while minimising marking and flare. Roll forming is often utilised to produce cost-effective case connections or pre-formed flanges.

Folding & Bending Machines

Specialised metal folding and bending methods ensure critical product features and cosmetic faces remain undamaged during manufacture. Our highly accurate processes also ensure the product is produced to the correct geometry and quality level. Facteon offers a variety of methods including servo-controlled, self-adjusting folding angles and stretch forming. We also specialise in automatic model size and radius change systems.

U-Folding & End Folding Machines

Cabinet and case wrapper folding utilises true tangent folding technology for two or four folds of both small and large radii. To suit your cycle time requirements, folders can perform dual functions, such as front and rear folds. Alternatively, additional folders can be populated to produce specific product features.

Welding & Clinching Machines

Our team has expertise in a variety of welding methods and clinching solutions. The welding systems available include spot, laser and plasma. Clinching methods can be proprietary, self-riveting systems or a flange seam lock. A manufacturer chooses if panels are manually or automatically loaded onto fixtures and fastened.

Automated Assembly Systems

We have various options designed to suit your component assembly sequence, product and production line. These range from manual component loading and semi-automatic assembly to on-line component production combined with automatic and robotic assembly stations.


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